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Recognizing the 75+ year history of Fantastic Music resonating from the Philadelphia area to Music Fans around the world, we offer our Studio Artists, Bands and Fan Members the ability to share creative live Music ear-to-ear along with the ability to collaborate with each other all while helping to keep the great Philly sounds alive.
Since the 1940's, Philadelphia songwriters, vocalists, Musicians, recording studios and record labels have produced an astronomical number of Hit tunes across all genres of Music. In fact, some of the greatest Jazz, Blues, Rock, Folk, Hip Hop and Doo-Wop records that went Gold and Platinum originated from Artists and Labels in and around the Philadelphia Area.
We salute all of these dedicated artists and seek to help promote the next generation of creative Musical innovators into the future.
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Our Fan Membership is Open to Everyone who enjoys Music around the world. It doesn't get more Open than that.

Our Membership is Open to all single Artists ( songwriters, vocalists, Musicians ) and Bands focused on Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, Metal, Pop, Soul, Folk and Hip-Hop genres. From young artists with garage Bands to jam players and seasoned professionals, your talent and love for Music is most welcome.

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Studio Benefits:



  • Fans have the ability to view, listen and communicate with Artists.
  • Industry Labels and Groups looking for "The New Sound" can find a variety of new prospects here.
  • Radio Stations and Venues looking for new artists to SPIN or BOOK can view profiles, hear and view performances and set up booking dates directly with eStudio Members.


  • Songwriters can connect with vocalists or Bands across all genres to play and/or collaborate on creative concepts and approach.
  • Vocalists can connect with Bands or other Artists for collaborative efforts.
  • Musicians seeking a new direction can find an audience or fellow Musicians here.


  • Bands in search of new members or Musical arrangements can search here and reach out to fellow artists.
  • Music Foundations and Educational Institutions have the ability to further promote the stability and growth of their Musical genres.

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