Please use this page to take a look at the common questions for Philly Notes, including account functionality, signing up, the types of accounts we offer, what we are, and any other questions you may have. If you don't see a question listed here that you have, contact us here so that we may answer your question and/or add it to this section.

1What is PhillyNotes? How does it work?

PhillyNotes is a place for musicians of all genres to meet, collaborate and market their music. Artists and Bands can fill their pages with songs, videos, bios and information about their upcoming gigs. Fans are able to access their favorite Artists' and Bands' pages and can interact with their content. Artists and Bands are searchable via their respective tabs in the dropdown menu.

2What types of accounts are there?
  • Fan
    A free account. Fans are able to view the pages of the Artists and Bands that they are following.
  • Artist
    A singular person, be it a singer, instrumentalist or songwriter. This account is for someone who is looking to showcase their individual talents and collaborate with others. The Artist account is developed to be searchable by instrument, so that you can build a band if you want to!
  • Band
    This account is built for established bands that are looking to expand their network and gain access to potential new venues, radio stations and audiences.

*Please Note that free Fan accounts can follow bands and artists, but do not have a front-facing profile. You also cannot have two different account types with the same user. If you have a Fan account and would like to sign up for an artist or band account, you can sign up with a new email address or simply close your Fan account and go to the memberships page to sign up for one of our premium accounts.

3How do I sign up?
  1. On phillynotes.com, either click Become a Fan to sign up for a FREE fan account, click Memberships to sign up for an Artist/Band account, or scroll to the bottom of the page and click Register.
    *NOTE: Accounts can not use the same email. If you have a free fan account, you will need a new email address to sign up for an Artist or Band account. If you need a new email, you can sign up for a free Gmail Account here.
  2. On the Memberships page, Select which type of account you want: Fan, Artist or Band (more on this below).
  3. Fill in your billing information and click Proceed To PayPal. If you have a coupon code, add it at the top of this page. Please note that you will need a PayPal account to be able to pay for PhillyNotes. PayPal accounts are free to make. Click here to get started with a free PayPal account.
  4. Sign in to PayPal and confirm your subscription to PhillyNotes
  5. Once you submit your payment on PayPal, it will redirect you to the PhillyNotes Order Details page, which will act as the confirmation page for your order.
  6. You are now part of PhillyNotes! Go edit your page and get started!
4I received a Coupon Code. How do I use it?

Coupon codes can be added at the checkout page when purchasing an account. Located above the Billing Details section is a blue bar that will prompt you to input the code. Enter it and click Apply Coupon. Please note that coupons will only work for their designated type. A code for a monthly membership will not work for a yearly membership and vice versa.

5How do I edit my page?

On your page, click the Gear Icon () on the right below your cover photo. Select the Edit Profile option from the menu. When you are finished editing your profile, click on the check mark located in the same spot where the gear was. This will save and publish your edits.

6What is a Featured Track?

Artists and Bands can upload a mp3 file that Fans can download.

7What is the Best Of page?

PhillyNotes features new songs and videos from local artists every month. Submit yours for consideration!

8What does Following an Artist or Band mean?

Following an Artist or Band means that you will receive a notification whenever they post new content. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date on your favorite musicians!

9How do I post content for my followers to see?

On PhillyNotes, content is posted to users’ walls. Your wall is accessible through the Activity tab on your profile. Once there, you can add text, pictures and links to videos and other content. Anyone who follows you will get a notification that you posted something new!

10What does it mean for a radio station or venue to be “on the charts”?

Any station or venue that is “on the charts” has booked, played or worked with a PhillyNotes artist before. Their webistes are linked directly so that you can check them out!

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