Terms and Conditions

Thank you for becoming a Family Member of PhillyNotes and for being a Fan of Great Music.

We have created our eStudio to better connect musical Artists and Bands from a wide cross section of musical genre's to Music Loving Fans Everywhere and to help promote our eStudio members.

In doing so, we request all Members, Fans, Venue-Sponsors and Viewers of this eStudio to read and abide by All of the terms and conditions set forth within our agreement, prior to using this site.These conditions are mandatory. Changes to these Terms and Conditions may be revised at our sole discretion and incorporated immediately.

eStudio Eligibility:

In order to register and become a Family Member of PhillyNotes, you must be 16 years of age or older. Any individual under 18 years of age must have a consenting adult (parent, guardian, school teacher or counselor) approval and co-registration authorization to join our family. Please refer to our Membership section below for further details.

In activating your membership You become Fully Responsible for all stated Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

Membership Classifications, Guidelines and Fees:

We offer the following Classifications and Fee*structures for Membership.

Fan/Artist/Band (Under 18): Free

Single Artist: $2.00/Month - $24/Year (Subscribe for a Year up front and get 3 months free, saving $6.00)

Bands: $4.00/Month- $48/Year (Subscribe for a Year up front and get 3 months free, saving $12.00)

All Members can select from these three categories to identify their current level of expertise:

Garage Band
Jam Session / Open Mic

All Members ( Bands, registering through their selected representative only ) can select a profile from these five genres to best identify with their FAN base:

Metal/Hip Hop & Pop

All Fans and eStudio users can search for a particular Artist or Band by simply viewing these genre categories.


Venues and other Supporting Music Providers wishing to become Sponsors ( allowing you more levels of eStudio visibility ) can select from these three Monthly Fee Promotional Levels:

On Stage - provides for FREE “ listing only “ on eStudio website

On The Charts - $10.00 per Month ( annual basis only ) provides for listing on eStudio website and link to your website.

Solid Gold - $25.00 per Month ( annual basis only ) provides for listing on eStudio website with More Info and a link to your website.

Platinum- $50.00 per Month ( annual basis only ) provides for listing on eStudio website, link to your website and your own Customized Page on the eStudio website.

Viewers and Fan Members:

All Viewers and Fans are welcome at No Cost. We would however appreciate Fans registering with us to allow collaborating freely with your Artists and Bands.

Payment Terms: Memberships are offered on a Monthly or Annual Basis. Payment is through PayPal’s subscription payment term structure. Unless renewed, Membership will be automatically cancelled upon your registration anniversary date. There will be NO refunds should a Member elect to cancel their membership prior to reaching their registration anniversary date.

eStudio Terms and Regulations:

ALL Members and Viewers of this website are held to the highest standard of law and professionalism and are requested to abide by All applicable Federal and State Laws and Regulations as well as ALL applicable Entertainment Industry laws and regulations. Any deviation in this regard in will result in immediate cancellation of membership at Members sole expense. No refunds will be offered.

eStudio Content:

It is understood that PhillyNotes has the sole discretion to determine the Value and or Worthiness of the content placed on this website and the Complete Authority to remove any and all such content that it determines to be unacceptable and or disrespectful to ALL other Members , Fans and Viewers. This includes the ability to immediately revoke membership privileges and delete the members Page with No refund or recourse available to this member(s).

Artist/Band Members and/or Sponsors:

Welcome and feel free to collaborate between each other at your convenience. Please keep your website content pleasing and professional at all times. You are Fully Responsible for all material you list on this website and accept Full Responsibly and Liability for any and all postings that are challenged and found to be against the Law as stated above. The website owner, operator, and or affiliated companies and or employees are not liable for Any of your actions in this regard.

Copyright Considerations:

It is understood and agreed that all Members, Fans and Viewers OF this website may not , in any way, misuse any copyrighted content presented on this website. PhillyNotes will not be held accountable or liable for any misuse in this regard.

Fans and Viewer Regulations:

Please enjoy the music and follow your Artist/ Band on PhillyNotes and at ALL Venues supporting our eStudio. Also please avoid any non- professional activity that will cause restricted viewing this website.

Limitation of Liability:

It is understood and agreed that the website owner, operator, and affiliated companies and employees will NOT be liable to any Member, Fan, Venue/Sponsor , Viewer or their Agents or to Any third party for Any damages. Said damages include but are not limited to direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, and royalty, etc.

The website owner and operator do not offer any guarantees on the services and or functionality of this website and will not be held liable for any loss of use or damage to Members materials posted on this website. Additionally it is agreed that ALL users of this website indemnify and hold harmless the website owner,operator,affiliated companies and employees for any and all loss, claim, demand, or liability ( including attorneys fees ) by any third party caused or resulting from the Member,Fan,Venue/Sponsor or Viewer of this website. Any and All disputes arising from this agreement will be governed by the applicable laws of the State of Pennsylvania.

Disclaiming Statement:

PhillyNotes is providing this eStudio website solely with the intent to provide Positive Change and help Grow and Advance performing musical artists careers.

Privacy Statement:

We pledge to respect and protect All Members privacy and expect the same in return. However, we will not be held accountable for any or all information you provided on this website. This includes all information delivery formats i.e. via email, text, or other electronic applications etc. This Statement is most binding should this website be hacked or in any way compromised.

Total Agreement:

This constitutes our entire Agreement.

Should ANY part of this Agreement be challenged and found to be invalid, ALL other remaining parts of this agreement remain in force.

Thank You and Welcome toThe Family.